Detective Conan File 1066 - RUM Reveals...!?

FBI Serial Murder Case Final Chapter: "RUM" reveals...!

After reading this chapter, you might want to read far back of Detective Conan. Because the author, Mr. Gosho Aoyama, had set amazing foreshadowings regarding RUM in many places.

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by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)

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Detective Conan, File 1066 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

  • Camel, the FBI agent, is shot by Chianti's lethal bullet from the back and falls into the sea. Gin throws a hand grenade into the sea to kill Camel just in case if he survives in the sea. But Akai shoots the grenade making it explode in the air: Camel was saved. The members of the Black Organization (BO) are flustered by the unexpected situation. Akai fires few more times including the Kir's hat brim, then BO withdraws.
  • Vermouth assumes Camel's face and shows Camel's picture to the BO members. It reminds Korn that Rum sent Camel's picture to him two years back and ordered him to kill Camel (and Rye: Akai) for a matter at a warehouse.
  • At Kudo mansion: Camel has a haircut so that BO won't find him easily. Then Camel conveys "Vodka said that Rum changed his face and got a silly name." to all.
  • A bold old guy in a chic gorgeous car is recalling his memory at the warehouse: Rye (Akai) and someone from the BO were supposed to meet there, but there was also an unknown old man nearby; Camel approached him to notify him that the place was not safe. The bold old guy in a car grins.
  • The chic car arrives in front of Iroha Zushi. The bold guy starts disguising; he wears a wig, puts large artificial front teeth, and eyepatch for the left eye. He turns into Kanenori Wakita. Glares at Mouri's office a bit, then Wakita enters Iroha Zushi with a cheerful tone as usual.


Rum is Finally Revealed

So, the readers including myself finally knew who the Rum was; it was Kanenori Wakita! This isn't that much surprising considering so many hints gave us beforehand.

But, it was just suggested by the scene. Wakita or any other else explicitly say Wakita is Rum. Might need more information to confirm that Wakita is the real Rum, not the body double.

Gin Keeps Silence

When Vodka says they couldn't see the dead agent's face, Gin keeps silent. (described as 「…」) This might be foreshadowing something.

Gin might be doubting the following things:

  • Camel is somehow alive.
  • It's impossible for a normal agent to shot down the grenade from 1300 yards away. could it be Akai...? No way...but...

First, the Camel's image that Korn remembered and the current Camel who had haircuts look quite similar don't they? This might imply that Camel would be in danger again.

Second, BO thinks that Akai was shot dead by Kir in file 609 (Vol. 59, File 1). If Akai is alive, Kir would be in danger because she didn't kill Akai but lied about that mission. The truth is, Kir is a NOC from the CIA and tricked the mission with Akai back then. So she would be killed if this truth is unveiled.

Is Wakita's Left Eye Functioning?

©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.
— Detective Conan, File 1066
©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.
— Detective Conan, File 1066

Many people say that it looks Wakita's left eye is functioning judging from the image when Wakita's disguising. If this is true, Wakita might not be the genuine Rum but the body double.

(In file 1065, Vodka says only the artificial eye is the true information of Rum. So Rum's either eye cannot see.)

Personally, I think this image doesn't have the intention that Wakita's left eye is visible. When I closed my left eye and looked through my mask like the image, the view was really like this image.

But I'm wondering the author's intention with this cut. Maybe there IS a hidden intention, such as the author wanted to emphasize the person sitting on the passenger seat. Meaning, this person is the Rum, and Wakita is the body double — In a movie called "The Phantom of Baker Street," Professor James Moriarty and his carriage driver swapped their appearances.

This scene must be foreshadowing something important that the author will give us an answer later, cannot wait!!

Other Foreshadowings Related to Rum

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by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
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