Detective Conan File 1027 - 1031: Is Wakita RUM or Conan's Side?

Although file 1066 suggests that Wakita is RUM, some Conan fans, including myself, still believe that Wakita is not RUM. While waiting for the next file to be published, I am reviewing the series that Wakita involves.

From file 1027 to 1031, Wakita goes to Nagano prefecture along with Conan, Kogoro, and Amuro (Bourbon). This series contains many foreshadowings probably hinting at something related to RUM. Published in volume 97.


This post contains spoiler.



Detective Conan, File 1027 to 1031 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

  • Conan, Kogoro, Amuro, and Wakita head for Nagano to respond to an investigation request. On the way, they play a game of Old Maid.
  • They meet a group of five at their destination, an abandoned church. All got the same code from somebody. They find 3 more codes with the same format in the church. In the meantime, two of them are murdered.
  • Conan and Amuro crack the case.
  • Nagano prefectural police (Yamato, Uehara, Morofushi) arrive. Morofushi pretends that he doesn't know Amuro.


Is Wakita Also NOC?

When Kogoro is looking for one more person to visit Nagano with, Wakita shows up with Sushi with great timing. (He must be eavesdropping on Kogoro's office😏 )

Although it looks ordinary at first glance; bringing the food is an excuse. However, this situation looks like an analogy in a way; Okiya and Amuro showed up with food with perfect timing before. It might be just a mere coincidence, but it might be hinting that Wakita is in a similar position as Okiya and Amuro: NOC (non-official cover).

PseudonymReal NameAssociationBrought
Subaru Okiya
Shuichi Akai・FBI
・Former undercover in the BO: Rye
Cream stew, Nikujyaga, etc
Toru Amuro
Rei Furuya・National Police Agency Security Bureau Planning Chiyoda Division
Undercover in the BO: Bourbon
Kanenori Wakita?・Iroha Zushi
BO: Black Organization

If this guess got right, I would like to assume that Wakita is also an undercover investigating the Black Organization (BO).

Eyes Detect Traitor

Detective Conan File 1027
—©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

When Conan and the other three are playing the Old Maid, Kogoro keeps winning. Kogoro says he can tell which card should be avoided.

Hearing Kogoro's word, Wakita says with a scary face that he wishes to have eyes like Kogoro's to detect a traitor. He takes an example that he would be able to know a wholesaler who sells old fishes at a high price.

Many Conan fans who support the theory that Wakita is RUM believe that this scene indicates Wakita's doubt on Amuro (Bourbon); Wakita—supposed to be RUM—suspects Bourbon is a spy, the wholesaler in his analogy. If their theory is correct, this scene is quite scary; RUM is sitting next to Bourbon, investigating subordinate's suspicious behavior.

Baba Nuki (Old Maid)

On the way to Nagano, Conan and the other three are playing "ババ抜き (baba nuki)" which is a similar card game with "Old Maid (card game)." Instead of a card of Queen, Japanese "ババ抜き (baba nuki)" need to avoid having a Joker card—"ババ (baba)"—at the end of the game. (Incidentally, Conan is looking at the Joker card (baba) on the cover art of this chapter.)

Wakita also shows up in a series starting from file 1055, whose victim's name is "Nukiyasu Baba." In Japanese, we call the family name first, so the victim's name is called "Baba Nukiyasu" which is almost the same with "Baba nuki." And "Nukiyasu" sounds like Edoite tone which is Wakita's feature.

On the other hand, there is a French sweet called "Rum Baba" which uses plenty of Rum to soak the dessert.

Is this just a coincidence or is the author indicating something?

"抜き (nuki)" of "ババ抜き (baba nuki)" in Japanese has several meanings such as the followings:

  • to pull out; to extract
  • to remove
  • to pick; to select

These clues can indicate both Wakita might be RUM or Wakita might NOT be RUM. But "Removing baba from Rum Baba", which leaves "Rum", sounds making more sense. Omg, Wakita might be really RUM...

RUM Is Impatient

When Conan asks Amuro if he has met RUM, Amuro blurred his answer but gives a hint; RUM is impatient. We don't know what Amuro means by this hint yet, but many rumors are out there.

One of the rumors is that the name of RUM might be related to the word "impatient."

When rearranging Kanenori Wakita's name, an interesting proverb shows up; Toki wa Kane nari (時は金なり) which is "Time is money" in English. If this proverb is used to mean "don't waste any single minute" in Detective Conan, this might be a clearer hint suggesting that Wakita is RUM, assuming from his Pseudonym.

Another rumor is that "RUM is impatient" may indicate RUM's personality.

RUM wrote "Time is money." at the end of his emails that Amuro got. This proverb might be his motto and his personality as Amuro mentions. Though this rumor makes sense, it is hard for Conan to reach RUM based on personality. Amuro probably wanted to indicate RUM's name is related to "impatient."

The Three Boxes

Detective Conan File 1029
—©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

When deciding the group that will check the place where the suspicious sound came from, they play a game that picking one box out of three; the group that picks a box that makes sound will check the room.

All boxes make Kogoro feel weird because he doesn't feel losing no matter which boxes he chooses.

Detective Conan File 1031
—©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

Later in the series, Conan explains the trick. The criminal intentionally empties all three boxes. And, he had a spare box that something in it probably inside his sleeve. When he picked the empty box, it looked making a sound because the other box rattled.

This might be indicating that RUM him/herself is not among the three: Wakita, Kuroda, Wakasa. Meaning, the box actually making sound is RUM. And the other one that looks like making sound is RUM's body double, who is among the three RUM candidates.

Komon Mito

In this series, Kogoro is referred to as "Komon Mito" twice: by Conan and Detective Uehara. It might be suggesting that both Amuro and Wakita are both good persons, both are Conan's side.

Detective Conan file 1029, 1031
—©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

"Komon Mito" was a popular period drama broadcasted for about 50 years in Japan. The show was about a great person Komon, based on a real person in the past. He roamed around Japan with two associates who are also good individuals.

(The following image is a famous scene that most Japanese quickly associate with Komon Mito.)

If the author intentionally drew the scenes above, I cannot help but being excited to imagine that Wakita is Conan's side.

Komei Morofushi And Kuroda Talks Something

In file 1030, Komei Morofushi has remembered who Amuro really is: Amuro was a best friend who Hiromitsu Morofushi (Komei's dead younger brother) introduced him years ago. Komei also remembers that Amuro was aiming to be a cop.

However, Kuroda, who is Amuro's boss and another RUM candidate, makes a call and asks Komei for something; we don't know the content yet. Kuroda is probably asking Komei to pretend as if he doesn't know Amuro in front of Wakita. Hence, when Komei arrives at the church, he doesn't greet Amuro but says hi to Kogoro.

Why Kuroda should ask this?

It's been said that Kuroda and Amuro (both are Japanese police) are maybe aiming to arrest Wakita, who is probably a second-in-command (RUM) of the BO. Then they can track down the BO and dismantle the organization. If Wakita comes to know Amuro is an undercover, police's big plan is going to fail. So, Kuroda prevents Komei from revealing Amuro's true identity.

Though I'm wishing that Wakita is not RUM, this prediction makes sense. I'll be looking forward to how the author assembles these whole foreshadowings.


This series has many foreshadowings letting the readers be confused regarding Wakita's identity. I still have a little hope that the author would provide a twisted surprising storyline such as Wakita is not RUM but he is a relative who was taking care of Hiromitsu in Tokyo.

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