One Piece Chapter 1012 - Thoughts & What The Title "うず (uzu)" Indicates

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In chapter 1011, Luffy started fighting against Kaidou one-on-one. Big Mom changed her side and started to show her rage toward Kaidou and his people.

Chapter 1012 is still in the middle of the war. But little by little, the battle seems to head to the ending.


This post contains spoiler.

The Title "うず (uzu)"

  • The Original Title: "うず (uzu)"
  • The English Title: ITCH

When hearing "うず (uzu)," the first thing that comes up to my mind is a whirlpool or a vortex. This title might be suggesting that someone is going to be the key to end this huge battle by being a center of the war. But who is it?

A Person Is Going To Be The Center

In this chapter 1012, Yamato feels itchy to fight. Around her, many "うず (uzu)" as onomatopoeia are hopping around to describe his drive to fight. In Japanese, "うずく (uzu ku)" or "うずうずする (uzu uzu suru)" means a person feels itch or drive to do something.

One Piece Chapter 1012
—©Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.
One Piece Chapter 1012
—©Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Combined, Yamato may be the one who is going to be the center of this battle and the key to ending it. She is probably heading to the rooftop, where Luffy and Kaidou are fighting one-on-one.

Her true ability nor the Devil Fruit she ate hasn't been revealed yet. In addition, she is a daughter of the Kaidou, who is titled Yonko. Hence, it is no wonder if Yamato has the tremendous potential of being an exceptional warrior.

Vortex Made of People's Feelings

On the other hand, the titile "うず (uzu)" might be indicating people's feelings making a vortex.

There are many characters who are showing their "itch" in this chapter. For example, when Kikunojo is asked if his wound is Okay, he says as follows:

One Piece Chapter 1012
—©Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Nekomamushi also shows a kind of itch when he hears Pedro's death. The news that the very person who is responsible for Pedro's death is also on the island makes Nekomamushi feels the itch to avenge him.

One Piece Chapter 1012
—©Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

In a way, Big Mom, Nami, and probably Ulti, all seem to feel itch as well. (Though their "itch" are not small anymore.)

One Piece Chapter 1012
—©Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Big Mom cannot forgive the people who burned down her precious Okobore Town.

Ulti won't back off until she avenges Big Mom who hurt her little brother.

Nami's decision to fight against Ulti seems to be driven by itch; she hates people who hurt kids.

The title "うず (uzu)" may indicate those collective feelings are making a huge vortex.

If We're Still Alive

When Kawamatsu asks Izo what would happen to Wano Country if it is opened, Izo replied

"Let's talk about that in the morning, if we're still alive."

One Piece Chapter 1012

This makes me think three things.

Somebody Might Not Make It

Though I don't want this plot to happen, Izo's line might be indicating someone's going to pass away due to this battle.

Izo Knows What Would Happen

Or, Izo might know what would happen to Wano Country when it's opened.

I'm curious to see what will happen to Wano Country after it's opened because Japan (the model of Wano Country) was once a closed country in the real world.

In history, Japan was closed and isolated for about 200 years when Ieyasu's family was ruling the country. It is interesting to see Zoro rolled up like a cross in chapter 1012 because one of the main purposes of closing a country in the Edo period was to exclude Christianity. Zoro's appearance might be hinting at something or it might be just a wit of the author, Mr. Eiichiro Oda.

Considering that Yamato referred to Oden's travel logs as "my Bible" (chapter 984), Christianity might play some kind of role when Wano Country opens.

Focus On The Task At Hand

Another thing that quickly comes to my mind is Izo's mindset: focusing on the task at hand. I like this mindset.

If we have something to do right now, we should concentrate on the task to fully commit our ability. The future or destiny is out of control. We should focus on what we can do now.

Momonosuke Reads Oden's Travel Logs

Momonosuke starts reading Oden's Travel Logs after Yamato left him. There should be something significant written in it since Oden sailed as the Roger Pirates before. The content or Momonosuke himself might also be the key to the battle.

Zeus Heads to...

When Law (carrying Zoro) and Zeus appear to Sanji, Zeus soon escapes somewhere else. Since Zeus has been looking for Big Mom, he is probably heading to Big Mom's place.

However, Big Mom already has a replacement for a thunder-based homie from chapter 1011, and she doesn't need Zeus anymore. Hence, Zeus might be reunited with Nami who needs a stronger thunder power. (Nami mentioned her need for the thunder power in chapter 1004.)

If Nami gets Zeus' thunder ability, she might be able to deal with Ulti.

Chapter 1013

The next chapter 1013 will be out on May 16h.

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