One Piece Chapter 1012 Thoughts

One Piece Chapter 1012 - Thoughts & What The Title "うず (uzu)" Indicates

In chapter 1011, Luffy started fighting against Kaidou one-on-one. Big Mom changed her side and started to show her rage toward Kaidou and his people. Chapter 1012 is still in the middle of the war. But little by little, the battle seems to head to the ending. The Title "うず (uzu)" The Original Title: "うず (uzu)" The English Title: ITCH When hearing "うず (uzu)," the first thing that comes up to my mind is a whirlpool or a vortex. This title might be suggesting that someone is going to be the key to end this huge battle by being a center of the war. But who is it? A Person …

Detective Conan 1070 Decipher the Code

Detective Conan File 1070 - How To Solve Akemi's Code

This post predicts Akemi's code from Detective Conan file 1070. This post contains spoilers. Convert to Hiragana In the previous post, I assumed that each line indicated a person or his/her job. However, the code might be much simpler; we are going to use Hiragana (a type of Japanese writing system) and a Japanese keyboard. First, the original lines should be converted to Hiragana. The number 89 will remain the same. Mark On A Keyboard Then, let's see them on the Japanese Hiragana keyboard input source. Below shows when each of the lines' Hiragana and the numbers marked on a keyboard. If you are familiar with Japanese Hiragana, the marked …

Detective Conan 1070 Thoughts

Detective Conan File 1070 - Spoiler & Thoughts

New series has begun! This time, the story might reveal a big secret of the sisters: Akemi Miyano and Shiho (Haibara). So many things are going on in this file 1070, hence I think the series will be quite exciting. Summary Reference Detective Conan, File 1070 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc. The title goes like "Didn't expect to see you here..." Scary title in a way. And the capture of the first page says "Is the truth under the soil?" On one Sunday, the detective league (Conan, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ayumi) heads to school to take care of the school's rabbits. "The new black rabbit doesn't look happy..." says …

Detective Conan Inspirational Quotes

Regardless of The Race, Everyone Has The Same Thing Inside

In file 1011 of Detective Conan, Elena Miyano (Shiho's mother) says a powerful line regarding racism. I'd love to share this one with the hope that our real world will eradicate racism for good. Unfortunately, there is no official translation so far (at least I couldn't find one). So I brought the original Japanese sentence below. I will translate it afterward as an unofficial translation to respect copyright. Before going on, let me say one thing that this post has no intention to discriminate against anything and the same applies to Detective Conan's original texts and my translations. I'm absolutely against racism. The Elena's Phrase: Inside Is the Same To …

Demon Slayer Inspirational Quotes

Demon Slayer —Trivia of Characters' Names (Main Members)

Knowing a bit of trivia on the characters' names would let you view the anime from a bit different perspective. I hope this behind-knowledge lets you enjoy the world of Demon Slayer more. First off, I picked up main members surrounding Tanjiro. Tanjiro Since I thought "Kamado" was an important part, I included the family name for him. There is Hachiman Kamado Shrine (八幡竈門神社) in Kyushu district in Japan. This shrine is known for its legendary story about beating demons. Tanjiro's family name has been said that it named after this shrine's name. The author of Demon Slayer is from Kyushu District, so it's no wonder if she gets inspired …