I love you.

Like, Love, and Good in Korean

From a Korean show named BLACK, I picked an impressive scene using "좋아헤요 (to like)." The phrase is from episode 14. 나요, 하람씨 진짜 좋아헤요. (I really like you, Ha-ram.) Though this scene is absolutely not a typical romantic situation—indeed, it's a hopeless, life-threatening situation—, the nice background music and the actor's tender voice tone make this scene somehow so romantic; I like it. Just for a reference, the scene is around 17:35 of the episode 14, if watched in Netflix. note I couldn't figure out why "I" in this sentence is "나요." I might be wrong, but this is what I caught from the scene of the episode. This …


"그래" and Its Similar Sounding Words

The following are affirmatives, conjunctions, and other words that have similar sounds to "그래." I heard them a lot in a Korean drama named BLACK (highly recommended K-drama!). These words are also frequently used in other Korean dramas & movies. BLACK is a Korean show with a mixing genre of horror, mystery, comedy, romance, action, and more. Black (a Grim Reaper) and Ha-Ram (who can see people's death) tackle to save lives together. I laughed a lot at the funny scenes, and couldn't hold back my tears for the last two episodes. Though I expected quite a different happy ending, I love the story overall. Full of foreshadowings that eventually …

sleeping cats

Batchim's rule: ㅅ + ㅎ = ㅌ

When my Korean friend saw this picture, she texted me back "따뜻한 햇살이 마음까지 따뜻하게 해주네요." in addition to mentioning the cats. The Meaning is like "The warm sunlight even makes the heart warmly." Wow, what nice words she said. I was so impressed by her expression and I liked it. Is it natural to say these warm-hearted words in Korean? I want to remember this phrase by heart. First, I will break it down. Breakdown Word Read Role Meaning 따뜻한 ttatteushan* adjective warm 햇살 haes-sal noun sunshine 햇살이 haes-sal-i Subject the sunshine 마음 ma-eum Object heart, mind 까지 kkaji particle to, till, so far as 따뜻하게 ttatteushage* adverb warmly …


"〜도" means "〜 too"

This morning, an Instagram account (@1min_kankokugo) teaching basic Korean enlightened me about the meaning of "도". It's pronounced like door's "do". View this post on Instagram A post shared by 1分で話せる韓国語 (@1min_kankokugo) When I saw the third slide, which is explaining "저도 & 나도 mean 'me too' ", suddenly one phrase came to my mind, then sank in. The phrase was "나도 날 모르겠어", the sound is like "na do nal molgesso". I remember this phrase from BTS's song called "FAKE LOVE". Somehow, I like the melody and the sound when they sing "나도 날 나도 날 모르겠어" around 2:55 - 2:59 in the video. I've been thinking that the …