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Vocabulary Building: Divergent Chapter 1

I am a huge fan of the Divergent series written by an American novelist Ms. Veronica Roth in 2011. Since when I first watched the movie Divergent, I have been fascinated by the story, and the word "Divergent" who cannot be categorized in one label. To the society in this story, "Divergent" means abnormal, a threat to society, or need to be excluded. But to me, "Divergent" is very natural humanity, and it should be appreciated. As I feel like I am Divergent, —and probably most people are— I highly empathize with the Divergents in the story, especially Tris (Beatrice), which is one of the reasons I favor this story. …


Empathy & Sympathy

I'm often confused about which "empathy" or "sympathy" I should use when describing a situation that someone compassionates to others. This RSA Shorts makes it very clear about the difference between "empathy" and "sympathy." The concepts are told by Dr. Brené Brown, who studies courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. So, the bottom line is whether there is an emotional connection or not. empathy: has an emotional connection with the person who's suffering. The heart is being with the sufferer. sympathy: no emotional connection with the person who's suffering. The comment is from a distant place. I'm getting understand this, but want to dig more about these words. Words Starting with …

Sew and Saw

Sew & Saw

Lately, I found my typo in my self-introduction part on the front page, which made me blush! Just a letter turns a word into a completely different word. In my case, that was Sew and Saw. From, the meanings of them are as follows: sew: to work with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine. saw: to cut or divide with a saw. Imagine that I listed one of them as my hobby; Other than learning languages, I like traveling, taking pictures, and sawing! Oh my goodness, that's not what I meant! I don't like using a saw, it's definitely not my hobby! I realized this typo …