Regardless of The Race, Everyone Has The Same Thing Inside

In file 1011 of Detective Conan, Elena Miyano (Shiho's mother) says a powerful line regarding racism. I'd love to share this one with the hope that our real world will eradicate racism for good.

Unfortunately, there is no official translation so far (at least I couldn't find one). So I brought the original Japanese sentence below. I will translate it afterward as an unofficial translation to respect copyright.

Before going on, let me say one thing that this post has no intention to discriminate against anything and the same applies to Detective Conan's original texts and my translations. I'm absolutely against racism.

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)

The Elena's Phrase: Inside Is the Same

To get straight to the point first, here is Elena's powerful phrase saying against racism in Japanese.







Detective Conan — File 1011

If translate this literally, it means like "Even though humans look different, all human beings are just the same lump of blood and meat when cut and peeled the skins off. In fact, Black, White, or Asians, everyone has the same red-colored blood running through one's body, right?"

In other words, appearance doesn't matter at all, we all have same thing inside.

The Context of The Scene

Elena says this to Rei Furuya (Bourbon), whose parents have different nationalities, in the following situation.

When Rei Furuya was a kid, he had been bullied by other kids because he looked different from ordinary Japanese kids. Rei kept fighting back though he got many wounds. Every time he got injured, Akemi (Elena's daughter) took him to Elena's clinic so that Rei could get treated.

Image: © Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc. — File 1011
 Note: English translation is unofficial
Image: © Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc. — File 1011
 Note: English translation is unofficial
Image: © Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc. — File 1011
Note: English translation is unofficial

This scene is persuasive that resonates with my heart.

My Experience and Thoughts

When I was in Japan, I didn't experience being distinguished by appearance because I looked ordinary. (But I recently learned that non-Japanese people or people who have a parent from a different country sadly experience discrimination even in Japan. And I feel we Japanese also need to address this issue.)

Now as I'm living in the USA, I'm a "foreigner," and fall into a category like "Asian." Sometimes, I feel like people treat me in a different, uncomfortable way based on my skin color. (Hoping that those "sometimes" might be my overthinking.)

On one hand, I'm grateful that I experienced struggling to let go of those sad, uncomfortable feelings; I was able to know how minorities feel and struggle. But on the other hand, I'm wondering why some people treat others base on their appearance, which we cannot change.

As human nature, humans might tend to exclude what seems "different" to protect themselves. However, appearance should not be a factor to discriminate but be a uniqueness to appreciate. Because those differences make the world beautiful as Roy Mustang says (Fullmetal Alchemist, Ep. 51).

One of the reasons I admire and like America is its diversity; there are so many different people from various backgrounds and nationality reside in one country together, which is super cool and exciting. The reality is much more complicated, but still, the USA seems to me that being a leader to settle those racism problems. I'm really hoping so.

As Elena says in this episode, our inner physical material or composition is not different because we are all humans. There is no superiority or inferiority based on race, skin color, nationality, or of any kind.

The bottom line is,

© Taito Kubo / SHUEISHA・tv-tokyo・dentsu・pierrot — BLEACH Ep.75
© Taito Kubo / SHUEISHA・tv-tokyo・dentsu・pierrot — BLEACH Ep.75

None of us chose the appearance of these animals, but this is what we got. And we just have to deal with this.

Ririn (BLEACH — ep.75)

Nobody chose to be born in this way. Everybody is equal no matter what.

I truly believe that one day, there will be no people suffering from discrimination, and all people enjoy individuality, which makes the world much more beautiful.

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
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