Detective Conan File 1065 - Thoughts

FBI Serial Murder Case Chapter 5: Camel happens to overhear crucial information about Rum. Can he manage to bring it back to the FBI...!?

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Detective Conan 1064 Thoughts
Detective Conan File 1064 - Thoughts
FBI Serial Murder Case Chapter 4: Camel manages to swim to an island but... The previo...more  
Detective Conan
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)

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Detective Conan, File 1065 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

  • While searching Camel, Vodka starts talking about Rum to Chianti: "Rumors say that Rum is a massive man, a man looks like a woman, an old aged man, or has an artificial eye. But Gin says that the artificial eye is the only truth and the other rumors are the fakes fabricated by Mr. Rum himself to protect his identity. ...... Also, Rum changes his face and is using a silly name." Camel overhears the whole conversation.
  • Camel hides under the soil. But Gin finds out that idea. Rum orders to burn the soil. When Subaru and Conan arrive at the opposite shore, they see this island is on fire.
  • Subaru tells Camel to use some material to escape: duct tape, box cutter, something related to a photocopier, and Akai's flat hat he passed to Camel when Camel left.
  • After equipping the items, Camel runs on a pier toward the bay. Gin orders to aim at Camel's back. Chianti shoots: the bullet looks to penetrate through Camel's chest. Camel is about to fall down backward.


A Confirmed Characteristic of Rum

In file 1065, Vodka narrowed down Rum's rumors to one.

  • A sturdy man.
  • A man looks like a woman.
  • An old aged man.
  • All of the above is body doubles. ( True )
  • Has an artificial eye.

Rum Has A Silly Name

According to Vodka, Rum has a "silly" name. Rum is said to be one of Hyoe Kuroda, Rumi Wakasa, Kanenori Wakita.

Among them, the names of Rumi Wakasa and Kanenori Wakita are "silly" because they are anagrams.

Rumi Wakasa

  • Rum, I'm Asaka ("W" is flipped to make "m")
  • Asaka, I'm Rum

The first one "Rum, I'm Asaka" seems to be the one. The Black Organization is tracking "Asaka" who was a bodyguard of Amanda Hughes 17 years ago. Rum had involved in this incident. Asaka disappeared since that incident.

By using this fake name "Rumi Wakasa", Asaka might be thinking to draw Rum's attention to revenge something related to the incident above.

I'll make time to write about this murder case later.

Kanenori Wakita

  • Tokiwa Kanenari

In Japanese, "Tokiwa Kanenari" writes "時は金なり," meaning "Time is Money". This might be the "silly" name that Gin says. Also, when Rum sends emails, Rum always puts "—Time is Money—" at the bottom of the message.

Altogether, Wakita seems to have the highest possibilities being Rum.

Camel Seems Falling Down Backward

©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.
— Detective Conan, File 1065
©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.
— Detective Conan, File 1065

Chianti shoots Camel from Camel's back, so Camel should fall down forward when the bullet hits him. But he looks falling down backward.

There must be another bullet from Camel's front: Subaru's bullet. If so, how they made it in that way? Probably, Subaru made Camel use something related to a photocopier.

Let's see what's going on in file 1066, the final chapter of the series.

Detective Conan 1066 RUM
Detective Conan File 1066 - RUM Reveals...!?
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Detective Conan
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
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