Detective Conan File 1071 - Spoiler & Thoughts

The second chapter of the time capsule series has been released.

If you missed file 1070, you might want to read below first:


This post contains spoiler.

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)



Detective Conan, File 1071 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

Quick Recap

Now, there are 10 people present at the elementary school:

  • the detective league: Conan, Haibara, Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko
  • the teachers: Kobayashi, Wakasa
  • the graduates: Murata, Yanagimachi, Ichibashi

This is the hint from Akemi that she indicated where she buried the time capsule:

Akemi's riddle: English translation
Left: Created by by referencing the Detective Conan file 1070
Right: Translated by
Note: The translation doesn't guarantee if it's telling the true intentions of the original.

Summary of File 1071

With above information, below is the summary:

  • People split into three groups and try to find the time capsule Akemi buried.
  • From the first hint "Monet is shown," one group with Murata (who wanted to be a painter) goes to the principal's office because the principal loves Monet's paintings. Instead of Monet's painting, there is Murata's one he drew when he was a student there. Murata recalls the painting and Akemi's face but stops telling further (he's hiding something).
  • From the hint "Doctor don't lie," the second group visits the nurse’s office with Ichibashi (a doctor). All assume that Ichibashi must have been very intelligent back then. It brings back memory to Ichibashi that she was cheating on a school exam by copying Akemi's answers.
  • From the hint "The charm of 89 don't burn," the last group checks the family studies room with Yanagimachi (a firefighter). They talk about a small fire at the music room occurred 14~15 years ago. It reminds Yanagimachi that he played fireworks in the room with friends. Akemi accidentally witnessed it.
  • None of the group finds anything. Conan has the detective league go to the school rabbits' house, and he keeps looking into Akemi's hint with the teachers and the graduates. When Conan sees that Kobayashi using a computer keyboard, he realizes why Akemi wrote her name vertically, and he also figures out where Akemi buried the time capsule.
  • In the meantime, Wakita at the Iroha-zushi receives an order from the class reunion being held at the elementary school where Conan and the others are present...!


The Past of The Three


It seems that Murata, Yanagimachi, and Ichibashi have bad secrets, and Akemi somehow involved with all of them. They want to hide the secrets they committed way back when they were elementary school students. That's why they looked feeling bad when they first saw Akemi's hint, which seemed to indicate their secrets (file 1070).

But considering Akemi's character that Murata mentions in this chapter, she doesn't look like a kind of person to expose their secrets. It might be a mere coincidence that the hints look indicating the secrets.

The Keyboard

Conan deciphers Akemi's code when he sees Ms. Kobayashi is using a computer keyboard at the school library. Probably, the prediction of the post below is correct.

Detective Conan 1070 Decipher the Code
Detective Conan File 1070 - How To Solve Akemi's Code
This post predicts Akemi's code from Detective Conan file 1070. This post contains spo...more  
Detective Conan

Hence, we can assume Akemi buried the time capsule at the school rabbits' house where the detective league is heading.

Wakita's Coming...!


This is so thrilling, isn't it!?

Wakita gets an order for sushi from the class reunion that Murata and the other graduates are gathering at. Not to mention, there are Conan and Haibara, and Wakasa...!

He is probably coming to deliver the sushi. Then Haibara and Wakasa will meet Wakita face to face. I'm not sure if Wakasa and Wakita met before, but Haibara and Wakita will meet for the first time.

If Haibara feels the aura of the Black Organization from Wakita, it will make more sense that Wakita is RUM. Or, in the next chapter, Wakita might tell us clearly that he is RUM.

I cannot imagine how Wakasa will react when she faces Wakita. It's been said that Koji Haneda, presumably Wakasa's boyfriend back then, was murdered by RUM. If Wakasa knows who is RUM and if that is Wakita, something might happen in the next chapter.

Also, Wakita seems to know Wakasa's true identity because he grinned when he found a newspaper article that Wakasa's picture and name on it (file 980).

Another thing is that if Akemi had enclosed Haibara's picture in the time capsule and Wakita or Wakasa sees it this time, it's definitely going to be thrilling.

Link to File 1072

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by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
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