What Matters Most: Resolution Makes Our Life Much Simple


Making decisions is sometimes hard, making us be indecisive. But successful people seem to make a quick decision. Why? I guess they have a clear resolution/priority and know what matters most to their goals.

Though we don't have to be "successful" and compare to others, we cannot avoid making decisions throughout our life —life is full of choices.

I found a hint to overcome indecisiveness or how to make a desirable decision from one scene of Damon Slayer. The following might be helpful for people who want to be decisive.

Quick Review of the Scene

Tanjiro Couldn't Make a Quick Crucial Decision

©吾峠呼世晴/集英社・アニプレックス・ufotable — Tanjiro facing to a demon, Ep.2
©Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable
— Tanjiro facing a demon, Ep.2

In episode 2, Tanjiro was wondering for hours how he could defeat a demon who stuck on a tree trunk. He couldn't do anything for many reasons including fear and mercy. Fortunately, the sun rose, and the sunlight fatally burned the demon, saved Tanjiro.

Urokodaki Tested Tanjiro's Resolve

©吾峠呼世晴/集英社・アニプレックス・ufotable — Urokodaki and Tanjiro, Ep.2
©Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable
— Urokodaki and Tanjiro, Ep.2

Then, Urokodaki, who left Tanjiro alone to think how to beat the demon, asked him "What do you intend to do with your sister eats a human?"

Tanjiro couldn't answer, making Urokodaki slap Tanjiro's cheek; Tanjiro's resolve was too weak and he didn't know what mattered most to him, which made him indecisive.

Taking a demon-possessed sister with him might cost human lives at some point. Tanjiro needed to be aware of it and to be fully responsible for his decision to let his sister alive.

Urokodaki wanted Tanjiro to realize this and to make what matters most to Tanjiro clear so that he could make quick, rational decisions throughout a looming tough journey.

Life Application

What Matters Most

Although this Tanjiro's example is too extreme to apply to our daily life, making decisions quickly and take responsibility for it are still very crucial to our life journey. Our time is limited. Knowing what matters most to us would lead us to more quality life by...

  • surrounding us by favorite things & desirable relationships
  • reducing stress

and etc.

If we choose based on "what matters most," we would naturally select what we really need or what we really love. It's pretty much the same as cherishing yourself.

Also, this reduces the time to struggle thinking about the options. There are actually not many things that really matter to our life. I heard that one reason why Steve Jobs was wearing a uniform (the black T-shirt and pants) every day was to reduce time to make decisions.

Plus, if you had an unpleasant situation, asking yourself "Is it significant to my life?" may reduce your stress. For example, if a cashier did something rude to you, that shouldn't ruin your life or waste your precious time thinking about it: mostly, those moments don't matter most to our life.

How to Know What Matters Most to Our Life

Resolve: Set Goals


If you are resolved, you'll know what matters most to your goals. But if not, setting any small goals would definitely work.

Let's say that I set a super simple goal: to live a happy life. Then, I'd think about if the options would really make me happy or not. If the answer is "no," I won't take that option.

Not to mention, our values are dynamic. Reassessing the goals at least annually would be helpful to adjust them to our current states.

Value Small Decision-makings

I believe valuing even small decision-making trains our ability to choose what suits our desire. When making those small decisions, try to know what made you choose that one over the others. There must be a hidden reason.

Knowing those small reasons ultimately would be a hint when you need to do big decision-making.

Ask Simple Questions

  • Will it make you feel happy or not?
  • Is it REALLY matter to your life?

Since the day I watched the Demon Slayer's scene above, I've been asking myself "Is it really matter to my life?" and it seems this question works well to make a quick decision.

Either Way

Sometimes, every option in front of you makes you really struggle with which one to choose. In that case, no matter which option you choose, you would experience the following situation: while feeling happy with the option you chose, also feeling a bit regret about not choosing the other options.

I suppose we cannot avoid this situation if we need to choose only one. But, what we can do is to strive to make the path we chose to be the right one! That way, you'll achieve your goals whatever option you chose.

Additionally, we can change the path to try the other ones if we truly want to no matter how farther we wander, how old we are, or whatsoever. There are no right answers or perfect maps for the life journey. Let's try and see what happens.

To Make a Quick & Desirable Decision

  • Know what matters most to your life or goals
  • Ask yourself if the option is definitely essential for the goals
  • Strive to make the path you chose be the right one

If equipped with the axis of life —what matters most—, our life will be much simple. Hope this helps your decision-making, too.

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