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In the previous chapter, Wakita was introduced as a Sushi chef at Iroha Zushi. It was a remarkable chapter because Wakita, who alleged to be RUM, first show his appearance. In file 976, Wakita challenges Kogoro to a deduction competition that finds out the thief first. I'll pick up some interesting foreshadowings drawn here.


This post contains spoiler.

The series is in volume 92.


I've never noticed this until now, but in this chapter, the word "Arsène" appears as a restaurant's name. What do you imagine when you hear "Arsène?" To me, it's a name: Arsène Lupin.

Arsène Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise ...

Wikipedia (

Combining the chapter's situation, this reminds me of Toichi Kuroba, the former Kaito Kid and the father of Kaito Kuroba, the current Kaito Kid. Why not Kaito Kuroba but Toichi Kuroba? It's because of the zombie thing that I wrote in the previous post.

The reason the author used "Arsène" might be just to associate theft. But what if there is another hidden reason? Did this series have to be a theft case in the first place?

As I wrote in the previous post, when Wakita appears, the story often relates to a zombie or a ghost kind of thing. Toichi Kuroba is allegedly dead a long time ago, but some Conan fans believe that he is still alive. Does the author is suggesting that Wakita is Toichi Kuroba by any chance...?

The Suspect Will Just "Vomit"

This is what Wakita says in the end of this chapter and quite interesting. (Though this is contradicting to the theory that Wakita might be Toichi Kuroba.)

©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.
—Detective Conan File 976

Wakita says

You don't have to call the police. ... The thief will just vomit what he or she has done once I name them.

Unofficial Translation from Detective Conan file 976

To localize the English translation, it should say "confess" instead of "vomit." But the author intentionally uses "vomit" in this scene; generally, Japanese people don't read the word "白状する (to confess)" as "gero suru (to vomit)" except for a certain profession: police.

Wakita doesn't really have to say "vomit" in this scene. Hence, this scene might be indicating that Wakita is a person related to the law enforcement, particularly, Japanese police.

This casts doubt the theory I wrote right above that Wakita is Toichi Kuroba. It is rather more probable that Wakita is a disguise of Tsutomu Akai, though he wasn't a Japanese police. Of course, both might be just wrong.

Another theory is that Wakita is a Scotch(Hiromitsu Morofushi)'s relative who took in Scotch years ago. But this makes this post really complicated, so I'll write about it in another post one day.

I remember that I read somewhere that Wakita says "vomit" as the same meaning. I'll link the scene once I found it.

This chapter ends here. These clues are still not be cleared even file 1066 suggests that Wakita is RUM. Personally, I prefer the theory that Hyoe Kuroda is Tsutomu Akai, but it is also quite exciting if Wakita turns out to be Tsutomu.


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