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Finally, Conan finds the time capsule that Akemi buried before; file 1072 closes this series. What did Akemi leave for Haibara? Do Wakita and Haibara and Wakasa meet at this point!?

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)

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Detective Conan, File 1072 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

  • As Conan figured out how to solve Akemi's code, he gives a hint to all; a computer keyboard is a key to know where Akemi placed the class's time capsule. (cf. How to Solve Akemi's Code From File 1070)
  • Conan heads to the rabbits' house where other kids are now. On the way, he calls them to look for the capsule; it is supposed to be in the rabbits' house.
  • After the kids find the capsule, others (Murata, Yanagimachi, Ichibashi, the teachers) also show up. Murata, Yanagimachi, and Ichibashi have been afraid of Akemi's letter accusing them of their bad behaviors back then, but they find nothing like that in the capsule. The three were overthinking Akemi's hints. All move to the class reunion's room.
  • Conan hands a picture to Haibara. It was inside the capsule. Akemi wrote a message on it. It says like "Even though we are apart, Dad, Mom, and I all love you so much. Mom always says that a silver bullet is the bullet of justice. So, Shiho, keep your faith and do what you believe it's right. Hope these words reach you... Akemi" (Note: Shiho is Haibara's original name)
  • Suddenly, Haibara shivers as if she feels the aura of the Black Organization. Conan checks outside the room but there are just Murata and Yanagimachi.
  • Wakasa looks outside the window; there is Wakita, leaving. He delivered sushi to the class. He somehow knows that Akemi Miyano belongs to the class reunion, but concludes that she won't come since she has passed away. (Note: Wakita is said to be RUM. Akemi was a member of the Black Organization.)


Haibara Detected The Aura

When Haibara detects the aura of the Black Organization, she always shivers like this time. But we cannot know whose aura it was from this chapter. Though the strongest possibility is that the aura was Wakita's.

When Conan checks the outside of the room, Murata and Yanagimachi are the only guys there. They have pizza and sushi that delivered just now in their hands; the deliverymen have left already. Murata and Yanagimachi don't mention Conan about the deliverymen, so, Conan doesn't know Wakita was there.

Haibara and Wakasa Didn't Meet Wakita

The author, Mr. Gosho Aoyama, still keeps Haibara and Wakasa from Wakita!! Does he have any intention to do this? I (and probably most of the readers) have been expecting that Wakita might see them in person and something huge occurs.

Honestly, I am still skeptical that Wakita is RUM (ref. File 1066) because nobody (even Wakita himself) confirmed it explicitly. So, I am still looking for solid evidence that proves Wakita is RUM.

But gradually, Wakita is being closer to Conan and his associates. It might be a matter of time that Conan figures that Wakita is RUM. So exciting.

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Though the series above is not published in English yet, you can explore from volume 1 to volume 78 in English as of April 2021. Hope you will enjoy the original content! In English, it is called "Case Closed."

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
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