Detective Conan File 1070 - Spoiler & Thoughts

New series has begun! This time, the story might reveal a big secret of the sisters: Akemi Miyano and Shiho (Haibara).

So many things are going on in this file 1070, hence I think the series will be quite exciting.


This post contains spoiler.

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)



Detective Conan, File 1070 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc.

The title goes like "Didn't expect to see you here..." Scary title in a way. And the capture of the first page says "Is the truth under the soil?"

  • On one Sunday, the detective league (Conan, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ayumi) heads to school to take care of the school's rabbits. "The new black rabbit doesn't look happy..." says Ayumi.
  • Haibara starts shivering when she hears "face," "black," and "Sherry" from Conan and the crowd; the words remind her of the Black Organization.
  • When they arrive at the school, the black rabbit looks doing great. Their teachers, Kobayashi and Wakasa, are also there; they have an appointment with someone.
  • Haibara feels a keen gaze from somewhere and shivers. Right after that, a guy named Sho Murata talks to her "Aren't you Shiho, Akemi Miyano's younger sister? Didn't expect to see you here..."
  • Murata knew Shiho by a picture Akemi showed 13 years ago. So everyone concludes it's definitely not Haibara. Wakasa gazes at Haibara and wonders "Akemi and Shiho Miyano... Daughters of the Hell Angel who betrayed the Black Organization... No way..."
  • There are two more people with the guy: Gaku Yanagimachi and Seiko Ichibashi. They are here to dig up a time capsule Akemi buried 13 years ago and bring it to the class reunion. Kobayashi gives a piece of paper that Akemi wrote a code on it. It doesn't look good to the three. Kobayashi also mentions Akemi enclosed a message to her younger sister (Haibara).
  • At the class reunion room, people talk "The food might be short. Shall we order Sushi and let Kunigami(their teacher) pay?"


The Black Rabbit

The black rabbit seems to be a keyword. It reminds me of the title or the place far back to file 1009, At The Black Bunny's Club. I don't think that these two are directly connected, but the stories might have something in common or the "black rabbit" means something... If I come up with something, I will add it here.

On the other hand, the black rabbit seems to be a metaphor describing Haibara's state. (Or Wakasa's?) Haibara escaped from the Black Organization and joined the class half a year ago, looked glooming at that time. But now she is happy being with other kids.

Or it might be Wakasa's state. I believe that Wakasa was a former member of the Black Organization. But she quit the organization at some point and now she is investigating something on her own. ...But she doesn't look happy as the rabbit, so maybe this rabbit is a mirror of Haibara, not Wakasa.

"Didn't expect to see you here..."

Murata says "Didn't expect to see you here..." to Haibara as the title of this file. But right after Murata mentions that Haibara looks alike Akemi's sister, Wakasa starts thinking about Elena the Hell Angele, and she gazes at Haibara. The title might also indicate that Wakasa didn't expect to see Haibara there.

This scene also implies that Wakasa was a former member of the Black Organization (or she might still be a member). She clearly states (in her mind) "Hell Angele" which only the member of the organization should know.

When she recalls Elena hatefully, she also remembers the poison that Elena was researching and Koji Haneda's dead body. So, Koji Haneda's cause of death might be the untraceable poison that the organization developed, as is the rumor among readers.

The Names of The Three

The names of the suspects almost all the time have something in common. Though there has not anything terrible happened yet, the three people are the key persons of this series and their names are hinting something.

  • Sho MURATA (田 匠): mura (村) means a village
  • Gaku YANAGIMACHI (柳 岳): machi (町) means a town
  • Seiko ICHIBASHI (橋 聖子): ichi (市) means a city

It's so trivial but in Japanese, 市町村 is the usual order to pronounce (and the sound is "shi cho son" in this case). The order of the above three appears in the story in the reverse order: 村 (mura), 町 (machi), 市 (ichi). Isn't this interesting if this reverse order is a hint to crack the riddle? I guess it is just a coincidence, but let's see what the author will bring up in the next chapter.

The Code Akemi Wrote

I haven't cracked this code yet, but it is full of mysterious lines and seems so interesting. I will share Akemi's note below, but I cannot guarantee the translation is conveying the original's intention.

Left: Created by by referencing the Detective Conan file 1070
Right: Translated by Anilosophy
Note: The translation doesn't guarantee if it's telling the true intentions of the original.

According to Kobayashi, Akemi wrote this memo to Murata, Yanagimachi, and Ichibashi before graduating the elementary school. So, the sentences might be indicating the three. The three looks shocked by it; something bad might have been hidden in the capsule.

Before seeing this memo, the three talked about their jobs.

  • Murata: dreamed to be a painter, but he's now a part-timer.
  • Yanagimachi: firefighter as dreamed to be
  • Ichibashi: medical doctor as dreamed to be

Not sure if the "モネ" of the first line in the original means Monet the famous painter, but if so, the first line (Monet) and the third (Painter) might indicate Murata who wanted to be a painter. Then the fifth line (don't burn) might be Yanagimachi (a firefighter), and the fourth might be Ichibashi (a doctor).

But cannot assume further from this information.

Airplane And An Unusual Expression

The second line mentions "Airplane" but nobody relates to it. It might be indicating something else.

The fourth line in the original says "ウソ こく" ("uso kokuna" meaning don't lie) but it is a kind of dialect. In some parts of Japan, it's been used to describe "release something from one's body" or "do something." Akemi might have used this word intentionally.

Why The Name Is Vertical?

Another thing that I am wondering is the reason why Akemi wrote her name vertically. It might be just a matter of the space, but she could write it below the code. This might be a hint to crack this puzzle.

Ordering Sushi Means... ?

I almost forget to mention this big one.

At the class reunion room, people are thinking to order sushi! This might be foreshadowing that Wakita (RUM?) who is working at Iroha-zushi (a sushi restaurant) would show up later on this series. Believe it or not, it will be the first time for Ai and Wakita to see each other if Wakita really comes. So thrilling!

Lastly, this might be overthinking, but the teacher Kunigami's face that people are recalling resembles Wakita... Especially for the overbite. Is Mr. Kunigami related to the core story...? We'll see!

Link to File 1071

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Though the series above is not published in English yet, you can explore from volume 1 to volume 78 in English as of April 2021. Hope you will enjoy the original content! In English, it is called "Case Closed."

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
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