Detective Conan File 1070 - How To Solve Akemi's Code

This post predicts Akemi's code from Detective Conan file 1070.

This post contains spoilers.

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)

Convert to Hiragana


In the previous post, I assumed that each line indicated a person or his/her job. However, the code might be much simpler; we are going to use Hiragana (a type of Japanese writing system) and a Japanese keyboard.

First, the original lines should be converted to Hiragana. The number 89 will remain the same.

Left: Created by by referencing the Detective Conan file 1070
Right: Converted to Hiragana (A type of Japanese characters)

Mark On A Keyboard

Then, let's see them on the Japanese Hiragana keyboard input source. Below shows when each of the lines' Hiragana and the numbers marked on a keyboard. If you are familiar with Japanese Hiragana, the marked keys gradually seem to be characters...

Akemi's riddle: On a Japanese Input Source

Change Orientation

Once finishing marking all the letters on the keyboards, let's rotate them 90° to the right.

Akemi's riddle: rotating 90 to the right

The marks form "し, い, く, こ, や" respectively, and they mean the place where people take care of animals. Japanese elementary schools often have this structure where school animals such as rabbits, roosters, hens, guinea pigs, and etc. in it. At Conan's school, they're taking care of rabbits. (And they are now in front of the school rabbits' house, "しいくこや")

(To be precise, the correct word is "飼育小屋 (しいくや)" but "しいくや" can also make sense.)

Why Rotating It?

Akemi wrote her name in the orientation that we use the computer's keyboard. But the code becomes readable when it's rotated to the right. So, we need to rotate the marked keyboard to the right to read the letter.


Akemi's memo meant to indicate where she buried class' time capsule a decade ago.

From her memo, we could predict that she buried it at "しいくこや" where the school rabbits are.

Cannot wait how Conan and the kids will decipher this next week!

Link to File 1071

by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
by Gosho Aoyama (Author, Illustrator)
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