Demon Slayer - What is "炎 Homura" (Lyrics ver.)

This post picks some Japanese phrases up from "炎 Homura" sung by LiSA for Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train. Each phrase is what I personally like and was moved by. I believe this information would help you immerse in the movie deeper. Hope you like it:)

  • If you haven't yet watched the movie: I hope that the following additional information might let you enjoy the movie and the song more at the theater.
  • If you've already watched it: I guess you may enjoy associating many scenes to this song.
Please note that the translations written under the lyrics are not official. The artist may have other intentions.
Melodic Star — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie - Mugen Train Ending Full『LiSA - Homura』
Small corrections for Japanese learners
Firstly, I appreciate the editor of this music clip. Just in case (for Japanese learners), I'd like to leave a memo about some Japanese pronunciations and one translation. Though all of them are trivial.
  • 1:13 "te wo toorikoshite" >>> "te wo torisoshite"
  • 1:33 "You left your resolve to me(who stays)" >>> "My resolve will be with you(who leaves)"
  • 1:54 "torawaretai" >>> "torawaretari"
Copyright Info
Title:「炎」(Homura), Artist: LiSA, Released: 2020, Lyrics by: Yuki Kajiura, LiSA

Goodbye And Thank You

さよなら ありがとう

(Ja: Sayonara, Arigatou)

(En: Goodbye, thank you)

Music clip - 0:15

These are some of the basic Japanese greetings. "さよなら (or さようなら)"means "goodbye" and "ありがとう" means "thank you."

A little more about Japanese

You can use them to your friends. But to say "thank you" to people older than you or a stranger, it's more polite to say "ありがとう (arigatou)" followed by "ございます(gozaimasu)." In this way, Japanese people traditionally show respect to people older than themselves, elders, or strangers.

Though these are the starter of the song, once I heard these phrases, my tears surged to my eyes again because of the movie... 😭 Even now, I become a bit emotional when I listen to this song.

Take Nothing For Granted

usual life

このまま続くと思っていた 僕らの明日を描いていた

(Ja: Konomama tsuzuku to omotte ita, Bokura no ashita wo egaite ita)

(En: I thought that it would be continuing as it was and I was drawing our futures.)

Music clip - 0:39
as it is
to continue
思って いた
(omotte ita)
僕ら の
(bokura no)
描いて いた
(egaite ita)
was drawing

Not only Tanjiro but also us may be taking most of the things for granted. But there are no things that guaranteed its presence tomorrow or even a few seconds later. We should recognize and appreciate everything even it looks trivial. Our lives, family, friends, pets, food, home, and everything else, nothing can be taken for granted.

My Determination Will Be With You Forever

強くなりたいと願い 泣いた 決意を餞に

(Ja: Tsuyoku naritai to negai naita, Ketsui wo hanamuke ni)

(En: I wished to be stronger and I cried. My determination will be with you as a parting gift.)

Music clip - 1:26
to want to be
to pray, to wish

a parting gift

This line is like "You don't have to worry about anything, we will take care of this. You have our words. You can leave without any reservations."

You would notice that one of the scenes is resonating with these lyrics when you watch the movie. I'm driven to write about them but will keep my mouth shut...

Swear To Keep It To The End

君の言葉 君の願い 僕は守りぬくと誓ったんだ

(Ja: Kimi no kotoba, Kimino negai, Boku ha Mamorinuku to Chikattannda)

(En: Your words, your wishes, I swore to protect them to the end.)

Music clip - 2:28
君 の
(kimi no)


(boku ha)
do something to the end
to swear

This also syncs to the scenes. Tanjiro becomes more determined after experiencing the devastating event.

With A Roar, My World Crumbles Down...

音を立てて崩れ落ちて行く 一つだけの かけがえのない世界

(Ja: oto wo tatete kuzure ochite yuku, hitotsu dakeno, kakegaeno nai sekai)

(En: With a roar, it's crumbling down. My one and only one, irreplaceable world.)

Music clip - 2:53

音 を 立てる
(oto wo tateru)
make a sound
崩れ 落ちる
(kuzure ochiru)
fall down, crumble down
かけがえ の ない
(kakegae no nai)
the world

Generally, this expression means like something despairing happens and we feel like our inner world starts collapsing with a roar.

Light The "Homura" in My Heart

Meaning of homura (Demon Slayer)

振り返らずに進むから 前だけ向いて叫ぶから 心に炎を灯して

(Ja: furikaerazuni susumu kara, maedake muite sakebu kara, kokoro ni homura wo tomoshite)

(En: I'll keep moving forward without looking back, I'll look straight ahead and cry out, with the Homura in my heart.)

Music clip - 3:41
to look back
without doing 〜
振り返る + 〜せずに
without looking back
to move forward
前 だけ
(mae dake)
only forward
to face
to cry out
(kokoro ni)
in a heart

assembled flames
light up

Tanjiro is devastated for a reason but decided firmly to face forward so that he can keep fighting against the demons and protect his loved people. As I mentioned in the following post, "light the Homura in my heart" might also include a meaning that never forgets about people and/or peers who were killed by demons.

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Enjoy The Movie!!

These are just a little part of the song and the movie. I wish I could share more information, but I want you to enjoy the original content. I am so thrilled to watch it in English soon!

Just for your information, this movie is drawn in the Demon Slayer comic vol.7 and 8 out of 23 volumes. (that's why I purchased Demon Slayer's comic books after watched the movie...😂 )

If I come up with anything else, I'll add them accordingly. In the meantime, if any questions, feel free to leave a comment! I'd be happy to reply to them.

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