COSTCO's Employee Made Our Day

One employee has a great impact on a whole company's impression. Today, we experienced a very very great moment at COSTCO Culver City. The employee we met today was exceptionally warmhearted, friendly, helpful, and motivated. He made our rest of the day filled with warm feelings. This amazing guy was at the customer service desk. We (I, my husband, and our friend) all needed to create the USA COSTCO membership card, so we first stopped by there. I am so grateful to encounter a person like him in my life; the time that he provided for us was way beyond our expectations. I had never impressed this much at stores …

talking birds

What to say if somebody mistook you for their friends?

Yesterday, I felt awkward and a little regret for something at a grocery store. When I was looking at vegetables, a woman suddenly talked to me. Since I couldn't catch what she said, I asked her to repeat that again. Then it turned out that she mistook me for her friend. So, we ended the conversation there. This would sound pretty normal, but I regret that I just said "Oh, good! OK." and that was it. I felt that she was still staring at me for a moment, so I might be a little rude to her—I didn't even know whether that response was good or not... Or that was …

Japanese Sweets from Monteur and Orange

Recommended Japanese Sweets Brands

Hi there! Today, I'm going to introduce two Japanese brands specializing in chilled desserts; MONTEUR (モンテール) and ORANGE (オランジェ). Have you ever tried their sweets? We bought these cakes at a Japanese grocery store (Tokyo Central) in Los Angeles and had a great time. So I wanted to share about their products. You might be able to get their products at your nearby Japanese grocery stores. So, next time if you go there, take a look and try their sweets, if you're interested:) I recommend both of their products as tasty, less expensive treats. Their brand names are French, by the way. MONTEUR I am a huge fan of MONTEUR's …

decorating Christmas tree

Differences in Christmas season b/w Japan & USA.

Merry Christmas! This is our second Christmas season in the USA. As a Japanese, I feel so special to experience American Christmas in my life. Though it is very natural, there are many differences in spending this holiday season between the USA and Japan. Not to mention, these are from what I experienced, and I'm not trying to say all Japanese or American people are doing so. But here, I pick up three things that I feel interesting in regards to Christmas. The meaning of the Christmas In my view, the most significant difference is the meaning of the Christmas season. Japanese Christmas is nothing to do with Christianity or …