What to say if somebody mistook you for their friends?

Yesterday, I felt awkward and a little regret for something at a grocery store.

When I was looking at vegetables, a woman suddenly talked to me. Since I couldn't catch what she said, I asked her to repeat that again. Then it turned out that she mistook me for her friend.

So, we ended the conversation there.

This would sound pretty normal, but I regret that I just said "Oh, good! OK." and that was it. I felt that she was still staring at me for a moment, so I might be a little rude to her—I didn't even know whether that response was good or not... Or that was too abrupt to her to end the conversation.

If that was a Japanese conversation, I would have said something like "Oh, that's okay. It happens. haha" kind of words with smile and emotional leeway. But I still feel it's difficult when it comes to an abrupt English conversation.

But not to regret again when I'll be in the similar situation, I'll keep these in mind whenever I go outside.

  • Be prepared; somebody might talk to me, but just relax.
  • Be friendly and smile.

Maybe I'd say "No worries:) It often happens." This might be the next question to my friend speaks English.

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