COSTCO's Employee Made Our Day

One employee has a great impact on a whole company's impression.

Today, we experienced a very very great moment at COSTCO Culver City. The employee we met today was exceptionally warmhearted, friendly, helpful, and motivated. He made our rest of the day filled with warm feelings.

This amazing guy was at the customer service desk. We (I, my husband, and our friend) all needed to create the USA COSTCO membership card, so we first stopped by there. I am so grateful to encounter a person like him in my life; the time that he provided for us was way beyond our expectations. I had never impressed this much at stores before.

He didn't just give us dry instructions that how to install the COSTCO app and create an account. He explained about COSTCO membership with his all hearts, passionately, and with so much humor. It was not a business-like conversation, and all of us enjoyed talking with him. We were almost convinced to get the Executive Member Card; if we had understood English more, we might have chosen that membership over the general one.

While he was setting up our accounts online, he never stopped talking; he asked about our country, truly recommended cuisine, and so on. It may sound natural to salespersons, but he seemed genuinely enjoying talking. When we asked back the same questions to him, he answered with humor and additional insightful information. After finishing all the procedures, he said "Take care! It is VERY nice meeting you guys!" and made his eyes meet each of ours. It might be because we were foreigners, but a). I had never heard of these words from a clerk, and b). he was so respectful to every customer, making him "exceptional."

One more reason that I think he was an excellent clerk is that he handed the customer card to each of us even though I was a bit distant from him. He could hand it to my husband right in front of him, but he didn't do so.


In many ways, his customer service was beyond description. I myself cannot do the same thing instantly, but I will keep remembering him so that I can make someone's day better in the future.

Anyways, he made our day (or maybe life) much brighter. One employee affects the whole company's image; we became a huge fan of COSTCO today!

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