Vocabulary Building: Divergent Chapter 2

This is a vocabulary memo from a novel Divergent chapter 2.

Author: Veronica Roth / Published in 2011

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Summary of Chapter 2

  • Beatrice is at the school cafeteria, waiting nervously for her turn to take the aptitude tests.
  • When her turn comes, Beatrice is equipped with a machine and drinks a little liquid to get a hypnotic state.
  • When she wakes up, she is somewhere else, which is inside the tests. She goes through several scenes which will decide her aptitude.


I put「 」next to the word that I might forget the sound.

1supersede (v)to replace in power; overrule
2defy (v)disregard, ignore, oppose, violate
3wrench (v)bend, distort
4signify (v)imply, represent, symbolize
5obscure (v)blur
6clumsily (adv)awkwardly
7blurt (v)to utter suddenly or inadvertently
8shrug (v)to raise and contract the shoulders
9vial (n) a small container, as of glass, for holding liquids
10crouch (v)to bend low (cf. crouch start)
11snarl (v)growl
12duress (n) coercion, constraint
13inch (v)to move by inches or small degrees
14creep (v)to approach slowly, imperceptibly, or stealthily; inch
15foul (adj)disgustingly loathsome; nasty, rotten
16gleam (n) a flash or beam of light; glimmer
17aggression (n)hostility, antagonism
18submission (n)capitulation, yielding
19prop (v)to rest (a thing) against a support
20drool (n) saliva running down from one's mouth; drivel
21vicious (adj)(especially of dogs, horses, etc) ferocious or hostile; dangerous
22squeal (n)a somewhat prolonged, sharp, shrill cry, as of pain, fear, or surprise
23pounce (v)to seize (prey) suddenly; attack, swoop
24hurl (v)to throw forcefully
25clench (v)to grasp firmly; grip, clutch
26crumple (v)rumple, crush, collapse
27dread (n)great fear
28shudder (n)shiver, tremble
Alphabets inside the (): n - noun, v - verb, adj - adjective, adv - adverb
Using Dictionary.com & Thesaurus.com


Lifestyles and Behaviors Decided before Birth

I see a little cruelty at the scene of the school cafeteria; in a Divergent world, all people are destined how their appearance should be and how to behave, and more. Therefore, when students are waiting for their aptitude tests at the school cafeteria, people can tell each faction apart at a glance.

For example, students wear clothes that have their faction's color: Erudite in blue, Amity in yellow and red, Abnegation in gray, and so on. As for their behavior, Erudite discusses books or newspapers to gain more knowledge; Dauntless plays loudly and being energetic wherever they are; Abnegation keeps quiet.

Even if they don't like their way of life, they cannot defy the faction's rules unless they change their faction at the Choosing Ceremony at 16 years old. It's cruel that their lifestyles and behaviors are already decided when they are born.

Before & After the Caleb's Aptitude Tests

While Caleb (Beatrice's same-year brother) walks confidently toward the tests' room, his face is completely pale as plaster when he comes back.

The first time I read this part, I just thought the aptitude tests were that much frightening. But on second thought, it might be due to the result of his tests; it might not have been Abnegation. Although he has known beforehand which faction he will choose, the result makes him imagined clearly what would happen if he chooses a different faction from his family's. (Though these are entirely just my guess.)

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Roth, Veronica (2011). Divergent. Katherine Tegan Books (HarperCollins).
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