Batchim's rule: ㅅ + ㅎ = ㅌ

sleeping cats

When my Korean friend saw this picture, she texted me back "따뜻한 햇살이 마음까지 따뜻하게 해주네요." in addition to mentioning the cats.

The Meaning is like "The warm sunlight even makes the heart warmly."

Wow, what nice words she said. I was so impressed by her expression and I liked it. Is it natural to say these warm-hearted words in Korean?

I want to remember this phrase by heart. First, I will break it down.


햇살이haes-sal-iSubjectthe sunshine
마음ma-eumObjectheart, mind
까지kkajiparticleto, till, so far as
해주네요haejuneyoPredicatedo (more polite)
Looked them up in WordHippo and Kpedia

So then, "따뜻한 햇살이 마음까지 따뜻하게 해주네요" should sound like "ttatteushan haes-sal-i ma-eumkkaji ttatteushage haejuneyo." But hmmm, I don't hear the "s" sound in "따뜻한 (ttatteushan)" and "따뜻하게 (ttatteushage)" when a translator pronounces them... Why?

Batchim's rule: ㅅ + ㅎ = ㅌ

"따뜻한" and "따뜻하게" sound different from what they are written above. They sound to have "d" sound at the end like "ttatteudan."

That's becaues the combination of 받침 - Batchim "" and consonant "."

In this 따뜻한, there is "ㅅ" in the middle followed by "ㅎ". These turn into "ㅌ" when they're pronounced.

So, though written as "따뜻한," it becomes "따뜨" through transformation: 따뜻한-따뜯한-따뜨ㄷ한-따뜨탄. Same goes for 따뜻하게, which becomes 따뜨타게 when it's pronounced.

  • when followed by "ㅎ," the batchim and "ㅎ" makes stronger sound depends on the batchim

It's said that there are so many rules on how 받침 (Batchim) changes the sounds. I will learn this later on gradually.

The difference of 〜네요 and 〜세요

When I hear the sound "네요" of "해주네요," I wondered what the difference between 〜네요 and 〜세요. Roughly speaking, it seems like these:

해주Affirmative sentence. Agreeing with something.
해주Asking to do something.

Both 〜네요 and 〜세요 make the verb more polite than saying the verb alone.

The Warm Sunlight Warms Your Heart

Now I became more familiar with her phrase. "따뜻한 햇살이 마음까지 따뜻하게 해주네요 (ttatteudan haes-sal-i ma-eumkkaji ttatteudage haejuneyo)," meaning "The warm sunlight even makes the heart warmly."

I like it!

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