Sew & Saw

Lately, I found my typo in my self-introduction part on the front page, which made me blush!

Just a letter turns a word into a completely different word. In my case, that was Sew and Saw. From, the meanings of them are as follows:

  • sew: to work with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine.
  • saw: to cut or divide with a saw.
Sewing and Sawing

Imagine that I listed one of them as my hobby;

Other than learning languages, I like traveling, taking pictures, and sawing!

Oh my goodness, that's not what I meant! I don't like using a saw, it's definitely not my hobby!

I realized this typo when I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist.

There was a guy called "Shou Tucker, the Sewing-Life Alchemist" in this anime. When I saw the English subtitle read "Sewing-Life Alchemist," I became to wonder.

His research work is like concatenating living things, not cutting into pieces. Then this "Sewing" should be the same one with my hobby "Sawing." ...Oh no, am I showing the different one in the self-introduction!?

And that was it. Embarrassing!

Now I corrected the typo, and learned the spelling of "sew" and "saw." The Fullmetal Alchemist saved me, thank you!

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