Ordinary & Ordinally

ordinary and ordinally

Since I often confuse ordinary with ordinally, I'd like to take a note of their differences.

WordPart of speechDefinitionSynonyms
ordinaryadjective・of no special quality or interest
・plain or undistinguished
(ref: Dictionary.com)
natural, normal, traditional, typical, etc.
(ref: Thesaurus.com)
ordinallyadverb・In an ordinal manner.
(ref: Wiktionary.org)
・adverb form of ordinal
(ref: Dictionary.com)
(couldn't find ones)
ordinaladjective・of or relating to order, rank, or position in a series.
(ref: Dictionary.com)
figure, statistic, sum, total, etc.
(ref: Thesaurus.com)

It seems that ordinally isn't used that often (or ordinary). Instead, ordinal seems to be used as ordinal numbers, ordinal data, or statistics kind of context.

In that case, I won't use "ordinally" or "ordinal" in my ordinary life.

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