Self-introduction in Chinese

嗨!I'd like to post my first Chinese memo with my self-introduction:) These are the phrases that my dear Chinese friend told me how to introduce myself in Chinese. (Sorry that the pinyin is too small... )


Hi, I'm Emma.

I am from Japan. I came here with my husband. He is a post-doc. I am so interested in learning languages. Now, I'm learning English and Chinese. I like cooking and watching basketball games. I also like watching Case Closed (Detective Conan).

It's very nice meeting you.


  • 你好: hi, hello
  • 我是: I am,他是: he is,你: you
  • 来: come,从: from
  • 日本: Japan, 中国: China,美国: USA,韩国: Korea,西拔牙: Spain
  • 日本语: Japanese,汉语: Mandarin Chinese,英语: English,韩语: Korean,西班牙语: Spanish
  • 非常: so, really, greatly
  • 感兴趣: be interested in,喜欢: like,爱: love
  • 正在 & 现在: now
  • 学习: learn,做: make,看: watch
  • 做饭: cooking
  • 篮球: basketball,比赛: game
  • 和: and,也: also
  • 侦探: detective,柯南: Conan
  • 高兴: happy, glad,认识: know, recognize

Wow, now I realized how difficult it is to show pronunciation. Texts cannot describe true sounds especially for beginners...! My friend was so kind that she recorded this script for me so that I could practice this. She advised me to repeat this script till my mouth and tang remember without thinking the context. That's so true for learning any languages! (Ohhh, I didn't do that yet, so I can't say this script smoothly for now. Will be working on it this week.)

拜拜 👋

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