Numbers in Spanish: To Order Tacos!


If you have street tacos track or stand near you, we highly recommend trying their foods! Not to mention they have authentic tastes and flavors, it is usually less expensive than dining in Mexican restaurant. Trying as many tacos track as possible while we are in Los Angeles might be one of our pleasures.

Another reason that I enjoy being there is to learn (or just listen to) Spanish; Most people order and converse with the vendors in Spanish. I have never tried ordering in Spanish yet, but before I leave LA, I'd like to try it at least once.

Hence, I made a memo of the minimum necessary Spanish numbers for ordering Mexican foods in Spanish. I will write about the common Spanish phrases to order the foods in another post.

0 (zero)

First, 0 (zero) is cero, easy to remember. Moving on to other numbers.

1 — 19

It looks there is no pattern from 1 to 15. But from 16 to 19, it looks like it is a combination of 10 (diez) and ones place. For example, 16 (dieciséis) is 10 (diez) + 6 (seis). 10 (diez) changes its form to dieci when combined with other digits.

1 uno2 dos3 tres4 cuatro5 cinco
6 seis7 siete8 ocho9 nueve10 diez
11 once12 doce13 trece14 catorce15 quince
16 dieciséis17 diecisiete18 dieciocho19 diecinueve

Sound of 1 to 10:

Sound of 11 to 19:

20 — 29

From 20 to 29, again, it is 20 (veinte) + ones place. When combined, 20 (veinte) becomes veinti.

20 veinte21 veintiuno22 veintidós23 veintitrés24 veinticuatro
25 veinticinco26 veintiséis27 veintisiete28 veintiocho29 veintinueve

Sound of 20 to 29:

Above 30 to 100

Above 30, the numbers take a form of "tens place" y "ones place" (except for multiples of ten). "y" in Spanish means "and."

treinta y uno
treinta y dos
treinta y ocho
treinta y nueve
40 cuarenta41 cuarenta y uno42 cuarenta y dos...48 cuarenta y ocho49 cuarenta y nueve

So, now we need to know how to count the multiples of ten. To make it easier to associate numbers, I put 3 to 9 above each of them.

3 tres4 cuatro5 cinco6 seis
30 treinta40 cuarenta50 cincuenta60 sesenta
7 siete8 ocho9 nueveN/A
70 setenta80 ochenta90 noventa100 cien

Sound of 30 to 100 (multiples of ten):

In my case, knowing to 100 is enough for now. So, I will end this memo here.

I will update my knowledge when necessary.

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