Detective Conan 1070 Decipher the Code

Detective Conan File 1070 - How To Solve Akemi's Code

This post predicts Akemi's code from Detective Conan file 1070. This post contains spoilers. Convert to Hiragana In the previous post, I assumed that each line indicated a person or his/her job. However, the code might be much simpler; we are going to use Hiragana (a type of Japanese writing system) and a Japanese keyboard. First, the original lines should be converted to Hiragana. The number 89 will remain the same. Mark On A Keyboard Then, let's see them on the Japanese Hiragana keyboard input source. Below shows when each of the lines' Hiragana and the numbers marked on a keyboard. If you are familiar with Japanese Hiragana, the marked …

Detective Conan 1070 Thoughts

Detective Conan File 1070 - Spoiler & Thoughts

New series has begun! This time, the story might reveal a big secret of the sisters: Akemi Miyano and Shiho (Haibara). So many things are going on in this file 1070, hence I think the series will be quite exciting. Summary Reference Detective Conan, File 1070 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc. The title goes like "Didn't expect to see you here..." Scary title in a way. And the capture of the first page says "Is the truth under the soil?" On one Sunday, the detective league (Conan, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ayumi) heads to school to take care of the school's rabbits. "The new black rabbit doesn't look happy..." says …

Detective Conan Inspirational Quotes

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Things Aren't Always What They Seem. ― Phaedrus Including myself, we tend to perceive and judge from what we see, which is natural. But in reality, what we see is not always the truth. In the movie Detective Conan "The Fourteenth Target," Shinichi Kudo (or Conan) also tells Ran a kind of same thing. The Scene Since when Ran has heard the unacceptable fact —her dad shot her mom a decade ago when her mom was taken hostage— she gets depressed and loses her trust in her dad. Shinichi (or Conan) tells Ran that he is not sure if that fact is the truth. I couldn't find the English translation …

Detective Conan Inspirational Quotes

Regardless of The Race, Everyone Has The Same Thing Inside

In file 1011 of Detective Conan, Elena Miyano (Shiho's mother) says a powerful line regarding racism. I'd love to share this one with the hope that our real world will eradicate racism for good. Unfortunately, there is no official translation so far (at least I couldn't find one). So I brought the original Japanese sentence below. I will translate it afterward as an unofficial translation to respect copyright. Before going on, let me say one thing that this post has no intention to discriminate against anything and the same applies to Detective Conan's original texts and my translations. I'm absolutely against racism. The Elena's Phrase: Inside Is the Same To …

Demon Slayer Inspirational Quotes

"A warm meal to cleanse your soul."

"A warm meal to cleanse your soul." This phrase from a Demon Slayer's episode resonated with my heart and changed my thought on meals. The Context of The Scene After severe battles with demons at the Tsuzumi mansion, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke head to the house of the wisteria family crest to rest and heal their wounds. There, a lady provides their clothes, meals, and a place to sleep, etc. The following scene is the one from that context. You Are What You Eat I've never thought of my soul when I'm eating and I assume that's pretty ordinary. However, come to think of it, this scene makes sense to …

Demon Slayer Voice Actor

Amazing Voice Acting Job: Bring Zenitsu to Life

Recently, I was amazed by Zenitsu's voice actor Mr. Aleks Le's YouTube video. He has some videos dubbing Zenitu's voice on his channel. Let me say something, he is more than wonderful... This one is a little long, but I highly recommend you to watch it if you are a fan of Demon Slayer. I like both Zenitsu's voice and Mr. Aleks' original gentle voice. There is a huge gap between them; isn't that amazing? What's more surprising to me, English is/was a foreign language to him. Since Zenitsu's English sounds perfectly natural and clear, I didn't expect that Mr. Aleks learned English as a second language. He says he …

Detective Conan Foreshadowing

Detective Conan - The Origin of Rum's Rumors

Most readers might have already noticed this but I'd love to share the origin of Rum's rumors. I was very impressed by the relations between the following scenes and the FBI Serial Murder Case series. The Rumors About Rum: published in 2014 After the word "Rum" appeared, Haibara told Conan about what she knew about Rum: A sturdy man. A man looks like a woman. An old aged man. The Secret Meet-Up at A Warehouse: published in 2007 Quick review: Two years ago (in Conan's time), Akai was infiltrated in the BO. He was supposed to meet up with Gin at a warehouse this day, and this was the FBI's …

Detective Conan Foreshadowing

Detective Conan - Is There Really RUM Among Them? Dr. Agasa's Tea Trick

In file 898 (Vol. 85, File 5), when the word "RUM" first appeared, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta talk about Dr. Agasa's tea trick to Conan. This post contains spoilers. The Magic Dr. Agasa showed Dr. Agasa said that he prepared the following things: four cups of hot black tea, three of which contains vinegar four coasters; Agasa drew skull and crossbones on three of them Then, Agasa turned the coasters over so that nobody could see the marks. He put the cups with vinegar on the coasters with the mark and a cup with black tea on the coaster with nothing draw on it. The kids rearranged the cups randomly …

Detective Conan 1066 RUM

Detective Conan File 1066 - RUM Reveals...!?

FBI Serial Murder Case Final Chapter: "RUM" reveals...! After reading this chapter, you might want to read far back of Detective Conan. Because the author, Mr. Gosho Aoyama, had set amazing foreshadowings regarding RUM in many places. If you want to review previous chapters before reading on, here are the links. Chapter 1: Detective Conan: File 1061 Chapter 2: Detective Conan: File 1062 Chapter 3: Detective Conan: File 1063 Chapter 4: Detective Conan: File 1064 Chapter 5: Detective Conan: File 1065 Summary Reference Detective Conan, File 1066 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc. Camel, the FBI agent, is shot by Chianti's lethal bullet from the back and falls into the …

Detective Conan 1065 Thoughts

Detective Conan File 1065 - Thoughts

FBI Serial Murder Case Chapter 5: Camel happens to overhear crucial information about Rum. Can he manage to bring it back to the FBI...!? The previous chapter can be found here: Summary Reference Detective Conan, File 1065 — ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan Inc. While searching Camel, Vodka starts talking about Rum to Chianti: "Rumors say that Rum is a massive man, a man looks like a woman, an old aged man, or has an artificial eye. But Gin says that the artificial eye is the only truth and the other rumors are the fakes fabricated by Mr. Rum himself to protect his identity. ...... Also, Rum changes his face and …